France, 2019

"MUDUN AL SAMDA" Cities of Trauma is a text that was written in 2014 and it was published in the online magazine "Tara El Bahr"in 2016

The text tries to explore unknown and unconventional facts for a city that used to be called always with aesthetics that the writer could not handle and believe it.
In the text, the writer tries to shed light on the Trauma that the place can leave in you, and that the matter is not related to the aesthetics of the place as much as it relates to what a person lived in this place.
The text focuses on how to deal with the city as a playground, such as strategic computer games, how you can see the city from above and try to describe what you know about it and what you lived in it, not what is known about it.

The reading was within the well known event "Nuit de la poésie 2019" that takes place in the Institut du monde arabe in November.

Performers: Marik Renner, Hakim Abdelnaeem 

Text by: Hakim Abdelnaeem

Sound Design: Symo Ryan
Translation: Antoine Colnot

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