Egypt, 2011

I did not have the budget needed to stage on a performance so I decided to use a room in Studio al-Madina in Alexandria. The room only had the capacity for twenty audience members and the performance was just twenty-five minutes. The main idea was to attempt to stage a live performance in a space that was not necessary equipped for this, if only to pose some of questions I was grappling with at the time, around belief and faith, the premature failure that is at the heart of false victory, (ideas about) the ruling class’ insistence on shaping public consciousness through television programs and religious education.

And here…amongst you dear ones…lives the apostate, the infidel, God’s enemy…his blood is condoned by God’s will. Renounce him, even/rather cast him out and you will be rewarded.

We seek help from God alone. (Only God can help you)

The woman said to the television presenter: “People are dying and people are committing suicide because struggles People are drowning, people are burning,  He flared his nostrils and said to her “ everything is unimportant (nothing is important, everything passes) as long as we are on her land and beneath her skies. Everything, everything. (nothing is important)

Kareem Abdelnaeem, Nader Mohsen

Scenography: Kareem Abdelnaeem
Graphic designer: Karnak

Text and Directing: Hakim Abdelnaeem


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