Egypt, 2014

This project is an ambitious attempt to develop a performance piece within an alternative location and to pursue capacities for theatrical work to take place in unconventional spaces, while keeping the quality of artistic production high and developing the conceptual foundations on which the performances are based. Thoughts and images are developed through ongoing research and attention to detail, focusing on placing the workers of this piece under the pressure of experimentation. The project aims to elicit authentic feeling from its participants and viewers. 
The television, radio, and lessons in the classroom, the lessons of religion, formalities and Laws...All of this forming our ethics.


Sherif Dossouky, Kareem Abdelnaeem, Essam Omar, 

Islam Awad, Mariam Boctor

Directed by: Hakim Abdelnaeem, Nadet Adel
Sound design: Khaled Kadal
Lighting design: Philip Mounir

Scenography: Kareem Abdelnaeem
Production manager: Mina Talaat
Photography and documentation: 

Abdallah Dawestashy,Mohamed Al Hadidy, 

Mohamed Salah, Mostafa Abelaaty,
Graphic designer Nada Rizk, 

Translation: Nermin Nizar

Dramaturgy: Hakim Abdelnaeem

And Texts from:

“These streets were not here before” (A poetry collection) - By Ahmed Abdelgbbar

Rounds and rounds (a poem) - Abdelrahim Yousef

The Trojan horse - Yehya Al Taher Abdalla

Texts from the New Testament – Chapter six- Book of revelations

Funded by, The Arab Fund For Arts And Culture (AFAC) 

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