Hakim Abdelnaeem is a director, writer, video artist, and researcher, studied theater at Alexandria University then he relocated and settled in Cairo, Currently based in Paris.

He has participated in numerous art projects either as a director where he directed two performances, the latest was “Al Maframa” which received the performing arts grant of  the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture - AFAC in 2014; Also as an assistant director and researcher, where he was part of the team of the  documentary theater performance ZigZig, that directed by Laila Suliman in 2016; or as a dramaturgy in “Without Damage”, directed by Mohamed Fouad, that was part of the 2018 Festival d'Avignon, France - Summer 2018.

Abdelnaeem writes widely on local, regional, and international cultural and artistic scene and the relation with the Social, Economical, and Political Context, with numerous platforms, either online or offline, such as Akhbar Al Adab, Al Tahreer, Raseef 22, and basically Mada Masr, the independent online media outlet, that he’s cooperating with them with since 2014.

Hakim also worked for a while in the field of culture management where he used to be an artistic programmer and strategic planner with various of Artistic and cultural institutions, the latest of them was El Gouna Film Festival in its first edition, where Hakim was the programmer in the department of film development with industrial programs, plus working later as a manager for MAAT Dance Company which is one of the  Cairo Contemporary Dance Center (CCDC) projects.

In April 2018, Hakim, and the Egyptian choreographer Mohamed Fouad established KHALF40 Artists’ collective, that works between Egypt and France and focused on the performing arts and the intersections of other art
Hakim is now in an art residency in The Cité international des arts, where he’s working on finishing the documentary theater project named “Zeft”, about a girl who disappeared in 2009 and left nothing behind other than 15 letters which she wrote before making the decision of disappearing. 
Hakim lately participated in Nuit de la Poésie #4 the event taking place in the Arab World Institute, with a text titled “Mudun El Sadma” with Marik Renner, Symo Reyn.

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