Hakim Abdelnaeem is an Egyptian theatermaker, writer, video producer and researcher born in Alexandria. He Studied theater directing and acting in the theater studies dep. at Alexandria University in Egypt, he was based in Cairo before moving to France, and settling in Paris in 2019.

Hakim has worked in the cultural and artistic scene professionally since 2007 and had many theatrical participations in Alexandria at the amateur level before that; since then, Abdelnaeem participated in a numerous of artistic works at the locally and internationally , whether as a performer or an assistant director or a dramaturgy, in addition to his work as an administrative manager for some of these projects. He has two theatrical projects as a director, the first one in 2011 and the other in 2014.

Hakim worked with a number of independent cultural and artistic institutions as a cultural programmer, strategic planner and visual developer for a number of artistic projects. In addition to his written contributions published in important press platforms, focusing on the Egyptian and Arab cultural and artistic scene and its intersections with politics, society and economy. In parallel with this, he cooperates with a number of music producers to produce and direct videos for their musical works.

He is now working on various artistic projects including theater, video, and creative writing that explore concepts of disappearance, the personal image, and the influence of social and political contexts on people's relationships with the place and their perceptions of their history.

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